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THANKS FOR THE CLARIFICATION, GUYS: Turns out the guy who made the beautiful “Two Bears” illustration I posted up yesterday is a kid named Andrew Holder, and man, he does some great stuff. Thanks to Sturgill and Jessica for setting me straight. Much appreciated.

- - - -

A GUY OUT ON THE ROAD SEEING IT ALL: Daniel’s Big Trip. From him site: “A Vet is taking a road trip around the country to see the land he dedicated eleven and half years of his life to and meet his fellow Americans.” Sounds pretty good, and thanks for your service, man. A hero. (Thanks, Wisconsin Mitch.)

- - - -

SOMETHING WE ARE GOING TO SEE TONIGHT: Poison Idea at Satyricon, downtown. The first band I ever heard from Portland. One of my favorite records of all time: Feel The Darkness.

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