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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 06, 2008
A Wild Friday
Posted at 03:21 PM


What a gross day. So much gambling, shit-talkin’ and graphic design. Normal “day at the studio,” pretty much.

Thanks Dave, for all the peaks and valleys. “Memories,” right? 4-5-6!

- - - -

GO FIGURE: The sort of shit Nakamoto sends me. Pretty aggressive.

- - - -

OUR NATIONAL NIGHTMARE: And a bunch of brave designers who’ve got something to say about it all. Only six more months, Patriots.

- - - -

ONE MORE FOR YA: Something we saw, and really dug. Don’t know the source, but have great admiration for its creator.

- - - -

CONGRATS FROM THE DDC: Cinco Design is celebrating a decade of doing business in the graphic arts in Portland. There’s a big bash tonight, and we’re going to shoot the shit, eat like kings and swill down some libations. Bravo, guys. Here’s to another ten big ones.

- - - -

Special thanks to everyone who bought some DDC merch this week. Much appreciated. You make our world keep going around, and thanks for that. Have a good weekend, people.

There Are 2 Comments

Say what you will about Bush.

But calling this bravery? Thatā€™s rich.
Criticizing a largely unpopular president late in a lame duck administration is more akin to a cheap shot, or piling on, which is where several players jump on the ball carrier after heā€™s been stopped, a 15 yard penalty.

This of course is a lot of fun, but brave? Nope.

Since you didnā€™t pay sufficient attention on the schoolyard or in 12 years civics and/or history classes, Ya gonna hafta get schooled, dude-zilla:

Criticism of the government and promoting unpopular or distasteful ideas, even against public policy, such as racism, are permitted AND protected in the US. Freedom of speech,in all forms is protected by the first amendment to the constitution and by many state constitutions as well as state and federal laws.

Posted by: P on 06/07/08 at 9:17 AM

That print is by Andrew Holder. Yeah he’s pretty awesome.

Posted by: Jessica on 06/07/08 at 9:36 AM
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