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June 02, 2008
That Wind In The Sails
Posted at 08:09 AM


You know what it’s like to wake up on the wrong side, right? We all do. You don’t want to move. Just close the eyes and go back to forgetting everything. Maybe you’ll get another hour of shut-eye, maybe more. I experience mornings like this every now and again, but the coin flips the other way most of the time.

Some days, morning can’t come soon enough. I look forward to getting back to it all that much. Just being honest.

These words are written on a beautiful Monday morning, overlooking a city, a river, some highways and packing district they call “Produce Row.” It’s gonna be a good week. Let’s get to work.

- - - -


Colorful characters, who, once we stated we wouldn’t be interested in the “3,000 records that were supposed to be 5,000 records that were all the Elton Johns and Billy Joels a guy could ever need,” they promptly started offering up other stuff around their compound.

Items like:

01. A old boat.
02. A transmission for “racing.”
03. A “vintage” Raggedy Ann table set, or something of that nature.
04. A box of Legos.

Ya just can’t help feeling sorry for these folks, holding on to that record collection, holding out for some sort of perceived “top dollar” prize. They are stuck with them. more or less. So much volume, so much weight, just sitting out in a pole barn, waiting for someone to take ‘em off their hands. The big fella said, “If we don’t sell the whole lot soon, we’re gonna part them out and put them on Craigslist.” A faint whiff of a threat was detected in that statement. Felt kinda bad about the whole thing.

We kindly declined and got the hell out of there.

- - - -

Some color views of Kellie Talbot’s show over at Office on Alberta:
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

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