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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 01, 2008
Spool Of Thread And Scissors
Posted at 11:07 AM


We appreciate the details.

So our new pal Geoff Wagner down at Hatch in SF has sent up a couple amazing Hatch promo items over the last month. One was an egg coloring set, and the next was a beautiful mobile. And included with the latter was a little 1-color “instruction sheet” with the most staggering little detail: A spool of thread and scissors. Tiny, too, no bigger than 3/8 of an inch.

I mean, here’s why this kind of stuff is worth a post on this halfwit blog: The instructions “do the job” just fine, and explain everything you’ll need for building the mobile.

But, and here’s the good part, they “went a little farther” and added the little icon lockup above. And for that, well, I thank them. Such a great little detail.

This is the kind of stuff that raises my eyebrows. Maybe I have a problem? Maybe not. Thanks, Hatch.

- - - -

A look inside the Flaming Lips’ Sasquatch Festival set-up and tear-down and why it’s all an amazing thing. But, we’re hoping you already knew this about them. Get with it.

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A guy who goes by the moniker, “tanker_desk” has a little Flickr collection dedicated to the classic desk.
Good work, all around.

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