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01. “The view from 67th Avenue.”
02. “We caved in and let a couple earlybirds in.”
03. “An assembled mob.”
04. “Settle down, truckers…”
05. “Getting it.”
06. “The ‘Lay of the Land, looking East.”
07. “The Ewok handling a couple of tough customers.”
08. “Happy shoppers.”
09. “The Cobra Dogs were a hot item.”
10. “The Floyd Family.”
11. “A micro Capozzi, staying out of the sun.”
12. “Dad, not taking any shit, on Hawthorne Street.”

Oh man, the “Yard Sale of the Century” went off without a hitch.

First off, the weather was pretty much “perfect. ” It rained all day Friday, and then mellowed out Friday night. We awoke to a cloudy, cool day that “went sunny on us” around 11am. So good. Just right.

Second, a ton of people showed up. Even a couple of fidgety earlybirds, one of whom turned out to be a thief! (We know who you are, pal. Watch yer back.)

Third, a good time was had by all. Everyone ate, drank, shot the shit and enjoyed the nice day.

Fourth, we made got rid a mountain of stuff! You’d be amazed what price tag on a thing will do. Wow. Everyone made out well.

Fifth, we overcame adversity. A couple local parasites “went to war” with us on Craigslist. They wanted to cherry pick the mess, and we stood firm on our “no earlybirds” policy. A couple flagged posts later, as well as some good ‘ol unfounded shit-talking, we’re proud to say it didn’t phase in the least, and, will come back to haunt you and yer overpriced “vintage” store. Shame on you. Good luck.

Sixth, it wasn’t all that uncommon to hear a, “You know what, just take it. It’s yours…” from me after someone asked about the price on something. Liquidation, man, liquidation.

Seventh, Dale, Betty and Mark moved a lot of stuff. Thanks again for making this thing actually “worth coming to.” Great records and vintage clothing. Happy purchases.

Eighth, Evan and Maja made it up from Long Beach, Calif. and much “Free Advice” was handed out.

Ninth, Ewok’s Bloody Beverages made 40 bucks. So good. 40 bucks for a little man of eight years old? Awwwwesome!

Tenth, special thanks to everyone who came, had a good time, bought something, helped set up and year down, had a Cobra Dog or two, and, tried to sabotage us. We got the last laugh!

There is One Comment

A smashing success, indeed. Sorry we missed the drinks and dogs, but we did come home with some awesomeness (a solar system) and Vienna got to meet Gary. Don’t forget, you promised to send me a Gary shirt! Nice to meet you and your crew…

Posted by: Nicole on 05/27/08 at 8:56 PM
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