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Didn’t do too much junking over the weekend. Spent a lot more time working on and around the house doing spring cleaning projects, repainting some stuff, raking it all up, doing laundry, scrubbing baseboards, re-grouting the halfwit groutjob, mowing the lawn and some sifting this and that. The ranch needed it. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice the day in the name of “keeping the ship in order.”

I did go to one lone estate sale, and deep in a moldy Portland basement, where I rescued a “The World at your Fingertips” dial encyclopedia. You know, the “dial encyclopedia” known to “make facts come to life in your hand?!” Yeah, that one. Well, the hand/dial illustration above is what stopped me in my tracks in the first place, enough to generate a rather loud and boisterous, “This is coming home with me!” announcement.

Check out the rest of this one with some Full Color Views:

01. “The World at your Fingertips.”
02. “Strange Facts about the World.”
03. “Globe arrow.”
04. “U.S. Copyright 1952.”
05. “Commission for Europe.”

- - - -

BEYOND ANY SORT OF RESCUE, RIGHT?: Lawrence O’Toole’s Philly Ghost Signs Project.

“Ice and Coal.” What else is there, really?

- - - -

TREAT YOURSELF TO THE BEST: Ohiobarns.com has a pretty comprehensive gathering of “Mail Pouch pictures.” Get in there. These old treasures are going fast. At least we’ve got some photographic record of it all. (Slurp, Spit.)

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