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April 26, 2008
Saul Saturday
Posted at 10:34 AM


PRETTY MUCH REQUIRED VIEWING: Grainedit talks about a great set of Saul Bass-designed matchbooks, and links a bunch of other cool Saul stuff. Get over there.

Okay, so, in that collection of 16 match books, check out #9, or, “3rd row down, #1.” Well, I picked that one up in an odd lot of old matches a couple years back and singled that one out of the bunch as one of my favorites. Funny how this stuff works. Thanks, Mr. Bass.

- - - -

GO, NOW: A Saul Bass exhibition from 2004.

- - - -

Now, turn off the machine and get the fuck outside, even if it’s it’s just driving from junk spot to junk spot, like we do on saturdays. See you out there.

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