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April 12, 2008
Record Show Sweat
Posted at 11:01 AM


Mark, Dale and I went to the record show at the Eagles Lounge up on Hawthorne.

Was pretty excited for this one. You know, hang with Mark and Dale, dig through some cool records, see some cool stuff, “trick out” my collection some, right?

Well, the first thing you noticed was the apparent feeding frenzy. Gross. No fun. Motherfuckers were going ape shit digging through those bins. Man. Tough customers. So sweaty.

I like my records, but man, I don’t want to be a record collector. Too creepy. I like to make eye contact with people. I talk. I say “thanks.” I enjoy being around people.

But not these people.

01. “Vinyl Warriors: Mark and Dale.”
02. “Truth is spoken.”
03. “Sweaty record collectors.”
04. “Dollar gems.”
05. “Taking a break from the action.”

I did drag home a couple cool records for the collection:

01. Bonnie Prince Billy - Master and Everyone $5
02. Palace Music- Lost Blues And Other Songs $5
03. X - Los Angeles $8
04. Guided By Voices - Universal Truths And Cycles $17 (Splurge!)
05. Convoy - Trucker Handles $3

- - - -

All it took was about three(3) minutes of watching this one, and man, ya just had this feeling that America has pretty much completely “gone to shit” since 1955. I mean, was everything that, uh, “smoothed over” back then? The idealist 50s, and the “everything is wonderful” spirit? My dad would’ve been 12 when this film was made.


There is One Comment

Mr. Draplin,

Sorry we missed you at the Minneapolis VFW record show. Thought you were comin’ into town?

Oh well, maybe next time.


Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 04/14/08 at 1:55 PM
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