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April 15, 2008
A Card For Gary
Posted at 01:12 PM


HOT OFF THE PRESS: “Gary Guide Quick-Reference Card”

The good people of PinBall Publishing approached me a couple months back about doing a card for their monthly “Designer Deck” series. I was gonna do a “Printing Checklist” for the final prep of a file, but, man, all that voo-doo changes from printer to printer. Gary is fun content, so, you know, we exploit him where we can. Now instead of having to go over Gary’s finer points with new people to the DDC Factory Floor, I can simply hand ‘em a card. It’s all on there.

Detail 01: “Source of Noise.”
Detail 02: “Director of Barketing.”

GET IN CLOSE ON THIS ONE: Here’s the card, in all its glory, pretty much.

If you are in Portland, stop by Pinball to grab one, man. They’ve got a mountain of them there.

- - - -

NOT GONNA MISS THIS ONE FOR NOTHING: Amos the letterpress printer in “Proceed And Be Bold.” Gonna be a good one. (Thanks, Sturgill.)

- - - -

Lots and lots of vintage dice over at vintagedice.com. Imagine that.
17 examples of “Illegal Dice.”
I mean, c’mon, six pages of foreign dice! Wow.

- - - -

WAY RECOMMENDED: Jynn comes in hot with a little bit about the Awakening of Sleeping Giants out in the desert.

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Now THAT is a collector’s card.

Posted by: r.e.wolf on 04/15/08 at 11:24 AM

Yeah, I saw some of those at Kettleman’s and thought they were awesome.

Posted by: corwin on 04/15/08 at 12:19 PM
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