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April 09, 2008
Way Up, Then Back To Earth
Posted at 07:23 AM


This one keeps popping up on the machine, and man, each time is a treat. I can’t remember where I snagged this keeper. Sorry, friend.

- - - -

Some history on the Cockshutt tractor. Hell of a name.

“Cockshutt Row.”

- - - -

HERE WE GO: Industrial furnishings, “FOUND IN MIDDLE AMERICA,” not to be fucked with.

One part of me is insanely excited with a link like this, and then, another part of me comes back down to earth and stares down the fact that you have to be a rich man to afford “old luxury” like that. Frustrating. How’s a regular motherfucker supposed to afford 1800 bucks for an old cart? A mystery. Our time will come! And of course, this one applies to this one, big time: Things Were Just Better Back Then.„

This lyric got me pretty fired up, off their site: “The American Furnishings philosophy is focused on keeping the Middle American dream alive.” Just know, from way out west, as weird and disconnected as I feel at times in matters of Midwestern-ness, every decision I make in life applies to the same sort of pledge. Really. My home.

(This thought-provokin’ link was passed on by Andy Beach of the ever-bulging Reference Library.)

- - - -

HECK YEAH, JACKPOT!: The Public Domain - Letters & Receipts & Tickets set on Flickr.

I love those Bavarians.

- - - -

A cool, old collection of pinbacks from long ago. (Sent in by Wisconsin Mitch on The Code Project.)

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