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Draplin Design Co., North America


Been seeing Frank Chimero all over the web, and man, the work is way impressive. His illustration stuff stands out the most, if you ask me. A big “Wow!” goes out from all of us on the DDC Factory Floor.

His states alone were enough to stop me in my tracks for a long, long time. Really nice.

- - - -

PRETTY MUCH REQUIRED VIEWING: A look inside the inner sanctum of CSA in Minneapolis.

I’ve got some amazing shots from my time there, but never really shared ‘em on here. I don’t know why, really? “Professional Courtesy,” maybe? Respecting the “Scanner’s Code?” Maybe. I scanned for Chuck for three months or something at the end of those hlaf-assed ’90s and try to stop in each time I’m through. Chuck is one hell of a guy. A graphic arts hero on the DDC Factory Floor.

Here’s why I went to Minneapolis for school, pretty much:

01. The mystery of the Charles S. Anderson Design Co.
02. Whatever ghosts of the ‘Mats that were still lingering around town.
03. Big timin’ it at Minneapolis College of Art + Design.

Pretty much in that order.

And basically, I was lucky enough to scan for Chuck, via brother P.J. “Hoss” Chmiel’s vouching for me. The Replacements, well, they were like a bad joke from long ago or something. I missed the boat by a good eight years. Like, you got the feeling it wasn’t cool to dig them. Still do. But fuck that. And finally, school was great and I learned a ton and met a mountain of good people, and still curse my monthly payment to that fuckin’ neverending school loan.

- - - -

Tom’s Monkey Jungle uses Futura Bold
all over the place. Way gross. Way good.

- - - -

“Co- Signed” is a art deal some mysterious reader sent me. Thanks. Nevertheless, the stuff is pretty cool. Dig it.

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