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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 07, 2008
Keep Your Chin Up
Posted at 05:39 PM


THIS ONE WILL WARM YER HEART: Had a cool beer with Fink and L.M. at the White Eagle down by the overpasses, and man, the mere sight of that motherfucker is enough to lift the spirits of even the most downtrodden bastard who’s just plain given up, and is at his lowest point, and welcomes death’s grip with no fight whatsoever.

You might call it, “The Fink Remedy?” You might not. Nevertheless, that sumbitch is one of Bend, Oregon’s finest. Completely sanctioned by the the Draplin Design Company. Not to be messed with.

- - - -

THIS ONE HAS “EVAN ROSE” WRITTEN ALL OVER IT: A kick ass old Ski Whiz Snowmobiles sign.

- - - -

This one caught our eye on that eBay this morning: Just might be time to restock the DDC Factory Floor messhall.

- - - -

Roadside Pictures’ ever-expanding, ever-awesome set of “Signs” just makes me want to call all the clients and quit all projects, grab Leigh, grab Gary and hit the road to somewhere far away. I’m feeling the itch.

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