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FFFound has been blowing my gourd the last couple days. So many great things.




and this (Canham! So good!)

- - - -

ABSOLUTE MANDATORY DIGGING: Jeff Canham! My old buddy from our time making magazines down on the beach. He was at the helm of Surfer magazine. I was across the way at Snowboarder. So much respect for this guy.

Check out his design and artand masterful sign painting right now, people.

I can’t even get the words out of my head over how awesome this stuff is. Great work, man.

- - - -

An old Herman Miller order form.

- - - -

Hey, I’m not “creature of the night” or anything, but did stumble upon Madame Talbot’s Vintage Gothic trading post of all things macabre. Some pretty interesting items in there.

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Great sign painter near my old stomping grounds in PA:


Killer shit.

Posted by: Tim Lahan on 03/27/08 at 10:42 AM

Hot damn. You can’t go run with Jeff’s work. A+.

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 03/28/08 at 8:25 AM

FFFOUND! is my no. 1 obsession.

Posted by: Geoff on 03/28/08 at 9:23 AM
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