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March 10, 2008
PSA: Help My Buddy Eric Out!
Posted at 01:37 PM


CALL TO ARMS: My brother Eric back in Michigan has a rad project brewing up with Herman Miller. (You know, the guys who make the furniture. You might’ve heard of them.) Anyhoo, Eric’s got an “open call for musicians” to submit tunes for an upcoming compilation piece that corresponds with their project. Interested? Music to yer ears? Here’s yer chance to connect some of yer tunes with the characters who build

These, these and these, people! The classics. Icons.

Get it together and get in touch with Eric at his company, Tandem Creative way back there in Northern Michigan.

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“Musicians Wanted for Herman Miller’s Tempo of Life Soundtrack”

Herman Miller, one of the most iconic brands in modern furnishings, is seeking extraordinary musical talent for a compilation soundtrack to be released nationwide this May.

We are looking for an eclectic group of artists to submit songs or create original music that will bring musical inspiration to a new line of home office furnishings. Each piece will be uniquely represented by a different track.

If selected, the pay-off will be tons of exposure, as your track will be featured throughout the country and across all points of the consumer buying experience:

- as part of a compilation disk given to customers at the point-of-sale
- included in a downloadable playlist on the product website
- used in interactive trade show displays to promote the line
- the potential to be played in stores throughout the nation by the retailers carrying the line
- the potential for live in-store performances at individual product launch parties

Submit your songs three ways: via email, upload via the web or send a CD via snail mail.

For more information and to submit online go to: The Tempo Collection.

Break out your instruments and get busy. Initial submissions are due March 24, 2008.

There is One Comment

Interesting enough…all four of the HM images you are showing I can only find at one of your least favorite stores…Design Within Reach! You would think living in MI I would have better HM options easy…but DWR is right close ;)

I’ve had my eye on the Aeon chair…sat in one and it was comfy as all hell.

Posted by: Andrew M. on 03/16/08 at 10:25 PM
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