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March 26, 2008
Tanker Hunt: Bagged.
Posted at 06:27 PM


Got myself a tanker. Big old Steelcase beast. Sandy and 33rd. Just gotta assembled a mean team of bad ass, bad attitude workhorses to help me move the thing into the household. Any takers?

- - - -

The next time I’m passing through New Market, Tennessee on business, I’ll be sure to stop in to Houston’s Mineral Water for a cool drink, and quite possibily, the cure-all for a couple of my ailments. So many mysteries in Tennessee to be discovered. I’m planning a mission.

Pretty much everything about Houston’s is beautiful. The colors, the type, and the upkeep. Dig around that page some. Get a load of those photos. So good. Bravo.

- - - -

The Boss is coming to Portland this Friday. I want to go just once. Ticket prices are steep. So it goes.

He’s got a hell of a site too. I especially dig his handwritten setlists.

The Bossography.

- - - -

Old bomber jackets.

As well as the Acme Depot. If you dig around enough, you can find cool shit like this.

There is One Comment

If you don’t have one already, latch onto a good HVLP sprayer. Some 800 grit wet/dry paper and a super-hard enamel can make that baby weep remembering its first day in the Scranton Allstate Insurance offices in ‘57.

It’s a lot of work, but well worth the labor of love.

And, if you go with the Steelcase black — the black isn’t a straight black — add a little green and a little red. Gives you that typing-pool deep black.

Best wishes — great work. Great blog. Thanks for sharing all you do.

Posted by: Douglas Dearden on 03/26/08 at 11:22 PM
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