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Draplin Design Co., North America


Spotted on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Calif., a couple weeks back.

Doesn’t apply in these parts.

“No Pets,” eh? Not around here. Gary is holding it down in the new joint, some five floors up, in the center of this fine city. Well, “our” center, at least. Announcement soon. We got a web site reserved and everything. Heck yeah.

- - - -

A couple of DDC shirts are on Rumplo. Cool. Our “Nameplate” shirt, and our “Longbreed Gary” shirt. Look at that little fucker. Ha.

We still got some left, so, if you are feeling a bit of a chill, buy one.

- - - -

Sometimes I get sad for Minneapolis. I left town abruptly in 2000, with much unfinished business. When I do get sad about my leaving, this is one of the spots I go to: The MPLS section at Lileks.com. Thanks.

And of course, never to be messed with, Lilek’s matchbook museum. Been a fan of this one for years now. So good.

Great, great and real good.

I’ve got a design worked up for the very first set of DDC Matches. Once we find the right vendor, we’ll get them made, and then, wasting no time, we are going to set a lot of shit on fire.

- - - -

The Gocco Flickr group.

A nice stash,
somewhere out there.

Pretty awesome.

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