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March 24, 2008
Obama: Here For A Morning
Posted at 04:08 PM


I really, really wish I would’ve went to the Obama rally on Friday. We were told “the thing was way sold out.” So we just kinda grumbled some and accepted our missed opportunity. Then Leigh calls friday morning and says, “We should have gone. There were extra seats.” Some sadness was felt.

But, much excitement is felt, cuz man, this Obama guy might just be the next president, and man, that alone is such a positive possibility.

Cory Grove went, and got some shots of the deal. The shot above is his, and so are these. Awesome, all around.

- - - -

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Milwaukee Beer History on a monday morning. (Mitch Morse set this one in, and man, we are smarter for it. Heck yes. Burp.)

- - - -

WAY MANDATORY: Evan Hecox talks about his new stuff in the new Arktip.

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