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I always have a bullet pencil rattling around in the front pocket. The one that has been in there for some time is a “G.E. Hulting & Son” out of Geneseo, Ill. So good. Things were just better then.

And yes, I’ve been on the trail of a vendor of these little beauties for way too many years. Fact of the matter is this: They don’t make these anymore. That’s that. Not even the crappy but passable ’80s models, that are still kicking around in umpire circles.

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LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Field Notes on BoingBoing! Heck yes! Beaming with pride, people.

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Something we’d be interested in adding to our collection of “heavy-ass tools that get little use, but, we couldn’t live without” collection. Just wait until I get the stencil machine I picked up last summer up and running in the new joint. Just you wait.

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