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Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the space junk post.

I was especially fascinated by the some of the heavies weighing on whether or the not the thing was space junk or a real meteorite. I’m gigantically sure it’s some sketchy hunk of metal, and not rock, so, let’s put that one to rest. It’s metal, and weird, and stinks, and, came flying into my sisters car.

My theory of theories is that some truck hauling junk was flying up the opposite side of the I-5, the gnarled piece of metal fell out of the truck, bounced (?) and skipped up over median into my sister’s car.

But maybe not. Who knows, really?

I rang Leah, and as of this afternoon, no one from PSU had gotten back to her. Stay tuned.

- - - -

Investigative and Spy Gear from the Past! Tons of cool stuff to check out in this one. Get in there and get real covert on that shit.

An old badge replica collection.

This is where shit headed way south for us: Antique And Vintage Detective Agency Reward Posters! Beyond awesome.

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