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What’s it like to have yer own little Midwestern town overtaken by hoards of Hollywood people wielding dilectible vintage signs? Well, here you go. (This link was dropshipped by Wisconsin’s own Nate Garn, freedom fighter, designer and all-around renegade.)

“Grab the middle one and run all the way to Portland, man!”

- - - -

Upon further inspection, Nate’s got some good work going on his site. Get in there and get down with Lefty Lexington way out in Wisconsin, you wannabe cheeseheads.

- - - -

THIS ONE IF FOR MY UNCLE BOB, IN WESTLAND, MICH.: Kentizer down at Oakley brings a big-ass pile of Vintage Camera Advertisements to our attention, and, frankly, we feel the urge to throw our digital whatevers right out the window, only to crash down some five floors to the cold, wet, unapologetic city street below.

Goddammit. “Things were just better then.” applies on this one. Something we say, way too often, usually in disgust, with little to no hope for the future of not only packagaing, but, humanity in general.

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hey, they are even using the opera house in my college town for this Johnny Depp thing:

Posted by: mitchmorse on 03/13/08 at 10:19 AM

Thanks for sending your readers my way, glad to see Nate sent you a link and you enjoyed my blog about the on-going movie madness here in Columbus, WI. Shit is wild. Living in the middle of a movie set for a month, now if only the cops wouldn’t patrol it so hard at night I could make off with some goods.

Posted by: John R. on 03/13/08 at 7:55 PM
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