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March 12, 2008
Spiraling Downward
Posted at 01:26 PM


Dale put a record of mine up on eBay.

Here’s the story on this one: Years ago in Bend, like, ‘94 or ‘95 or something I was buying my weekly allotment of discs and record story guy Chris says, “Hey, you into these guys?” He’s hold a copy of Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral. I reply that I’m not and he hands me one anyway and says, “Here, take one. They are free today.”

So I took one, and put it away in a stack of records. Never listened to the thing once. “Never played,” as the record hounds say.

So, fast forward well over a decade, and Mark “Test Pressing” Phillips is digging through my pile of crap, just days before I started my vinyl hunt. He informed me that the Nine Inch Nails album I had might fetch some loot on eBay, that is, if I wasn’t some kind of closet gothic creature of the dark underworld.

I’m not, for the record. So, yeah, that record is up on eBay, and I’m hoping it fetches a nice little price, which will promptly be put toward new records for my collection.

You bet. Thanks Dale. Thanks Mark.

- - - -

Dale and Mark, you guys are fucked: “Beyond the ‚€˜high fidelity‚€™ stereotype: defining the (contemporary) record collector”

- - - -

Mark Simonson has some “amazing old album covers” up.
We’d agree, and so would my buddy Cam. Thanks, man.

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