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Draplin Design Co., North America


It’s Friday, and I’m taking the day off to go kick the town’s ass with Dale.

On the docket:

- Record shopping.
- Desk moving.
- Grub foraging.
- A run over to Vancouver, Wash.
- Flat file logistics.
- And other bad-ass shit only motherfuckers like us would understand.

- - - -

We went to the beach last Saturday. Here ya go: “Day At The Beach”. Roll over the images to see a key to each photo.

- - - -

MANDATORY LOGO STUFF: Thanks, Mr. Bass. One of our favorite logos, ever: Alcoa.

As well as some cool, old Alcoa stuff.

- - - -

Lego Gears, back in the olden days. And another look at them.

- - - -

Vintage Truck Advertising brought to you by David A. Bontrager! We’ve been here before a gazillion times, and thought we’d double back on this Friday.

Every now and again you come across one, and this morning, we did: The perfect page.

Lots of greatness happening all over the place at this one:
The world’s best logos.

There is One Comment

Thanks Draplin for taking me back to the Peterbilt I learned to drive on. xoxx Elise

Posted by: Elise Bartow on 04/01/08 at 2:32 AM
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