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February 23, 2008
Saturday, All Day
Posted at 08:02 AM


Out and about today, record shopping with Mark and Dale. Renegades.

Best quote of the day: “You know, I do a lot of the animal stuff…” (Old guy referencing his undisputed animal porn status in Portland, in the back room of an unnamed record stash.) I stood guard while Dale and Mark went digging. I did my best to not leave any fingerprints around the joint.

- - - -

R. Todd Wescott from way out in Pennsylvania sent in a link about the Martin Guitar tour in Nazareth: A Journey Shaped by a Guitar So good, so good. Every time I play my D-35, I think about that tour.

I was lucky enough to take the tour a couple autumns back,
and it forever cemented my love for Martin.

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Please, just call me Todd.

Posted by: R. Todd Wescott on 02/25/08 at 1:13 PM

Oh yea, i see you got ‘an ass pocket of whiskey’ on there. great choice, my man.

Posted by: Scott Steele on 02/25/08 at 6:47 PM

Absolooootley THEbest Willie Nelson record EVER! An overlooked classic of earth-shattering proportions.

Posted by: Ryno on 02/26/08 at 8:43 PM
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