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February 19, 2008
Loafing With Archers of Loaf
Posted at 01:15 PM


Today is “Archers of Loaf Day” on the DDC Factory Floor.

It all started with a delivery from the mailman of VeeVee on vinyl. Heck yes. Now, when I got going on this vinyl quest a couple months back, well, my plan was to just get my “Top 25” favorite albums. Then that jumped to my “Top 50.” Then it got real fucked up and got into the hundreds. Well, who knows where this madness will end. I’d like to thank Mark Phillips for opening this can of worms for me. Dammit.

Here’s what the opening track of “Step Into The Light” off VeeVee means to me: I was on my way back out west, and spent the night in a parking lot in Deadwood, South Dakota. I remember getting up pretty early, digging through my pile of discs in between the captain chairs of Big Al the mini-van and putting in VeeVee. That opening track, with that slow crawl drumbeat and the cold morning air, cruising the downtown gut of Deadwood, slow enough to pass up the little placard pointing into a casino where Wild Bill took a bullet in the back from Jack McCall and called it a day. That’s what this album means to me: Driving through Western South Dakota. That would’ve been 1995 or something.

And for the record, “Fabricoh” is my favorite cut off VeeVee.

- - - -

Something Leigh and I are going to see tonight: Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa

Desert rats taking the so-called laws into their own hands. Scary stuff.

- - - -

One of my all-time favorites: Uncle Tupelo’s Chickamauga

There Are 5 Comments

For one, thanks for the TAD fyi and tribute, since I’ve moved to Seatown 21 years ago, I’ve grown to appreciate the large talent of that BIG BOY.

Also the Uncle Tupelo reference is a good one, somehow that takes me back to Nebraska and a many night at Lake McConaughy when I used to frequent that big ole lake and it’s beauty. Alot of times spent drinking underage and lighting more than a bonfire to celebrate the night while dancing almost naked around that fire we called inspiration. Thanks for bringing that into the light with this post. It can be said, “music has a time and date stamp that you can’t erase” period!

Posted by: styk on 02/19/08 at 9:58 PM

I recall going to see the Archers of Loaf at La Luna. They opened up for the Flaming Lips. I got real drunk in the parking lot ‘cause I was only 19 and wanted to catch a buzz before entering. Proceeded to get obliterated and missed them. The lips were so loud that i didn’t even know what song they were playing. It was rad.

I eventually saw the Archers in denver a couple years later down on Archer street. They kicked ass!

Posted by: derek d on 02/20/08 at 3:09 PM

Hey Man,

Got Craphound 6 and 7 you sent. Good stuff. Pages and pages o’ inspiration and reference. Still love the zine world and the DIY passion behind the smaller publications. Much appreciated!

Thanks, man.

Posted by: Eric Campbell on 02/20/08 at 7:38 PM

Archers of Loaf are great. For me, it’s all about Icky Mettle. I saw them play at Maxwell’s in Hoboken in like ‘94 or ‘95. Rad.

Car driven to the show: 83 Rabbit.

Posted by: Keith on 02/21/08 at 9:42 AM

was at la luna diff derek saw flaming lips never heard archers or loaf man did they rock. was like 13 years ago best concert ever.

Posted by: derek on 04/28/08 at 8:18 PM
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