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February 15, 2008
Darjeeling Jeelings
Posted at 01:34 AM


Leigh and I went and saw The Darljeeling Limited last night at that Laurelhurst Theater. For all the so-called film pundits who gave the thing a bad review, we’ve got this much to say to you: We loved it.

It was beautiful. Film, type and this overall quality of being “sweet.” There you go.

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Buy yerself a boombox from the Flaming Lips boombox experiment. Straight from the source.

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Martino sent in this cool clothespin/pencil.

Check out this gigantic one from 1976!

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Man, I loved that goddamn movie. Much better than The Snore Aquatic. Wanted to catch it a second time in the theater but missed my chance…but I’ll own it when it comes out. My favorite detail was the box that the poison snake was carried in, so wicked and so perfectly Indian.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 02/15/08 at 8:28 PM

I knew DoctorGirl would be into Darjeeling Limited. She digs most anything with Adrien Brody. Turns out I thought it was great too.

Even if you base your movie decisions on the critics that say it’s bad, it’s worth a watch purely for its aesthetics. Gorgeous.

Posted by: Jason on 02/16/08 at 1:31 AM

I live 4 blocks from that Oldenberg clothespin. See it everyday out my office window.


Posted by: Adam Garcia on 02/18/08 at 7:04 AM
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