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After a little bit of online tomfoolery this morning, as well as a couple minutes inside the tradeshow talking biz, we rented a car and raced south to the Hoover Dam.

This would’ve been my third or fourth visit. Always a treat. My first visit was in 1995, as I made my way back to Michigan, a roundabout way through Tahoe/Vegas/Flagstaff, etc.

I remember “standing on the edge of the Hoover Dam” just like a Bob Mould song. But only for quick second, and I jumped back down. Just for the fuck of it.

01. “Dam schematics.”
02. “The Colorado River, shooting underneath us.”
03. “Big, big turbines powering the Southwest USA.”
04. “Underneath the dam.”
05. “Looking out a ventilation shaft.”
06. “Looking down.”
07. “A crack from 1938.”
08. “Richter, man, richter.”
09. “End of the shift.”
10. “That big dam.”

There is One Comment

Is it true that they keep Megatron hidden deep inside the concrete walls of the dam? Just wondering if you got any shots of that.

Posted by: Dave Amirault on 02/06/08 at 1:01 PM
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