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January 12, 2008
Saturday Serviceman
Posted at 12:25 PM


Just working away. Knocking shit out before my mission back home next week.

- - - -

I did get out of the house enough to go see There Will Be Blood with Lovejoy.

Yes. A resounding “thumbs up” from the DDC Review Dept. on this one.

Here’s the kind of movies I like: The kind where you feel like they captured what it was really like to be back in those days. Few can pull it off. It ain’t just the wardrobe, or the period set, it’s the language and the pauses in it, and the way a tussle of hair is slicked back with real sweat, and of course, the naive trust in sharecropper’s eyes as an oil man swindles them for everything they have.

I won’t spoil this one. But go see it, and savor the dust and grim and slime. Well done, well done.

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