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January 11, 2008
Calendar Plans
Posted at 10:10 AM


Happy Birthday to Leah.

My little sister Leah turns 25 today. Quarter century. Halfway to 30. Phew. Messes me up some to think about being nine and holding her the day she came into the world. I remember it well. It snowed out.

- - - -

Hey, everyone:

Thanks for writing in about new version of the “2007 Work Station Calendar”.

Here’s the scoop on this one. Of course, we dreamed up our third annual installment of this deal, but pulled out at the last second, as, I’m currently developing a Field Notes version of the thing, that’ll come out this summer, six months early from 2009. So basically, you’ll be getting 18 months for the price of 12. Something like that.

But here’s something to tide you over: The 2008 Field Notes Year-At-A-Glance Calendar.

We’ve been “putting them in” with each order of Field Notes for the last couple months, so, I’ve got a stack here, and will be offering them at the simple price of $3. That’s with shipping and all.

You need one of these, people. It’ll get you through the next six months, and, the whole year, if needed. These are filed under the “Very Limited Edition” category and were printed by the good people of Pinball Publishing here in Portland on good, durable stock.

So once again, thanks to everyone who wrote in reserving a 2008 Work Station calendar. I appreciate the sure-footed interest and enthusiam.

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