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January 21, 2008
Leigh's Going Away Party
Posted at 01:33 AM


Last night was a big one for Leigh. Her friends and family threw her an amazing going away party at the Top of the Park…

…and I forgot my camera at my parent’s house. Goddammit.

- - - -

So, you are going to have to just sort of “make believe” for a bit and “take my dirty word” on the unfolding of the events of the girl’s big night:

01. Many, many friends and family showed up. A packed house.

02. I enjoyed many threats along the lines of, “You better take good care of her out there.” Serious as a heart attack.

03. I got to meet all the cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and fans of Leigh. Big number turnout.

04. Got to witness the amazing “meeting of my parents to Leigh’s parents.” White-knuckled, I was.

05. Was impressed at how my dad managed to “keep his cool” the whole night and not take his pants off or grab anybody or any of the regular shenanigans.

06. One hammered sumbitch slurred to me, “Well, Leigh thinks you are a good guy, so I guess I’ll just have to trust her on that one.” This was the way we met. Thanks for giving me some credit, boozey.

07. Got to know Leigh’s Gramma Heddy that much better. A hot, old Polish lady. Just how I like ‘em. 81 years young. The dame can cut a rug.

It was a great night. I got to meet all the good people, got to know the “McKolay Way” that much more, and witnessed the outpouring of love for one of Traverse City’s finest gals, who, much to our excitement, is moving out to Portland, Ore. (A small town in the Northwestern United States.)

- - - -

Thank god for Missy McKolay. Leigh’s sister-in-law, her older brother Ray’s better half. There, now we’re straight. Okay, so, Missy is an amazing wedding photographer here in Northern Michigan and she was lurkin’ around Leigh’s party, and here’s her offering for the big night:

“Leigh’s going away party.”

Beautiful, beautiful shots.

I mean, c’mon…look at how beautiful those McKolay’s are! All those brothers and stuff. And, somewhere in there, you’ll find a couple trolls to bring all those beautiful people back down to earth.

There Are 2 Comments

Looks like a great party! Can’t believe you forgot your camera. and How great, your dad kept his pants on. He must really like Leigh! Have a safe journey back to the west. Looking forward to seeing you both!

Posted by: Shanta M.W. Prescott on 01/23/08 at 5:56 AM

Well, hopefully Leigh will be proud to wear the badge I got her for SIA. Your right that Melisa can push a shutter for sure. Can’t wait to meet her in Sin City!

Glad Jim was a gentleman. If I ever leave Seattle, I’d be obliged for him take his pants off at my going-away party…

Welcome to the Northwest Leigh and welcome home Drap and Gary!

Posted by: styk on 01/23/08 at 11:02 PM
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