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December 19, 2007
License Plates States
Posted at 11:21 PM


Dave Nakamoto sent in the license plate masterpiece featured above. So good. Someday.

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Some real beauties in the “Latest Additions” section over at Lettermade. Heck yes.


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Saw this colorful link over at Chris Glass’ webworld thought I’d link it, as, we think you should check it out.

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LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Field Notes makes its graphed ways onto Grain Edit. Awesome.

There is One Comment

That colorful license plate map is a thing of beauty to your dad…he has expressed interest in creating one of his own. He’s wishing he had all the birdhouse roofs back he’s made with various states’ license plates. My biggest fear is where he would want to display it: in the living room, on the roof; etc. Anybody with license plates, please forward to big daddy Jim.

Posted by: mamma d. on 12/20/07 at 9:28 AM
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