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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 04, 2007
Swiss Bliss
Posted at 04:59 PM


We’re but a couple days away from completing this final issue of the magazine. Real excited about just that. This last month has been a real beast. Pretty excited to have a little downtime for “real life” stuff like “sleeping in” and “visiting with friends” and even “cleaning ourselves.”

Baker and Nuñez are here, breathing down our necks. They never let up, ever.

- - - -

Man those Swiss sure are “on it.”

Something we couldn’t live without, and promptly went out and purchased with our earnings: A Sigg brand aluminum box, y’know, for stuff. From Switzerland, and sold right here in Portland. Awesome.

(+) Something else we just had to have: Rubis Slant Tweezers, from Switzerland, again.

REQUIRED VIEWING: All sorts of greatness at the Rubis site.

- - - -

All sorts of nice work here: Elevated Works. Cool name, too.

Nice lookin’ stuff.

- - - -

A “House of Tires” from 1940. Pretty awesome.

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