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A mountain of thanks is in order to Jen and Jeff down in Long Beach for our recent acquisition. They sent me the most-amazing package of “Brown China Marking” paper pencils from what looks to be about 1945 or something. I about died when I opened that package, you guys. Thank you so much. You made my day and gave me a reason to keep going. Good people. Go Lions!

- - - -

What it looks like when my dad punches in for his yearly Santa Claus duties:

The Scene: Downtown Traverse City, Michigan, lighting the Christmas tree for the Holiday Season.

01. “Pretty much the whole town showed up to see Santa.”
02. “Escorted in by firetruck motorcade.”
03. “The sound of this yell was somewhere in between a sasquatch shrieking and a jet plane taking off.”
04. “Santa’s security detail couldn’t feel his fingers, due to the cold.”
05. “Get those little bastards in here. Let’s do this.”
06. “That tree.”

Now, across town, not a half hour after the big order downtown, I came across a guy that stopped me in my tracks completely: St. Nick? Santa? Father Time? Captain Badass? You make the call:

07. “Traverse City’s crown jewel.”

My wish: I plan on looking as kick-ass as my dad someday, but, this specimen of beauty comes in a close second. So good. Best thing I saw that whole night, aside from Leigh’s beautiful mug. Really.

- - - -

I just really, really love this magazine: Monocle. Even if I don’t fit into the clothes they talk about or will find myself jetsetting off to Hamburg to explore supper options, I am very impressed with the general sophistication of the contents, smart design and overall quality. I am hooked.

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Plus, I am still just so blown away that Field Notes made it on their site. The design of the page, the good words about us, and, my little books on there. So happy with this one. A badge of honor.

- - - -

Why I love America: The American Motel. Too much greatness here. Take it ALL in and then, quit yer job, empty yer bank account and hit the road in search of them. Something like that. My mind wanders.

One of my all-time favorites: The Bell Court in Battle Mountain, Nev.

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I have a link to you on Merricks blog, my Dad happened to check it out, he said your Dad used to do the rounds as Santa at Kmart…he was stoked. Thank God my Dad is retired from that shithole though. (after 33 years.)

Posted by: Marcy N on 12/06/07 at 4:57 AM

aw man, i wish my dad could be santa! you dad looks so awesome, that is so sweet that he does that every year! so so cute!

Posted by: melissa laine on 12/06/07 at 6:57 AM

Another gret Richie Rich type magazine is
Elite Traveler. One issue alone will run $35.00
However if your in need of a private jet or other ridiculously expensive items this is the magazine to find it in. Really check it out.

Posted by: Ian Geroux on 12/06/07 at 8:54 PM

Field Notes. Great idea. Simplicity sells. Feels like a great fit for note-takers and thinkers — nostalgic yet forever in style. You should try to get Field Notes picked up by one of the boomer mags/sites like GQ, Outside, Slate or New Yorker. Home to people with more money than they know what to do with. $10 a pop is just two lattes for them. I found you thru blog link from the book, Whole New Mind. Would never have found Field Notes on MySpace. Already married and not looking to get laid. Plenty of people who love ink and paper as much — or more — than code and pixels. Nice work!

Posted by: jb on 12/10/07 at 4:02 PM
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