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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 10, 2007
Monday, We've Got Fire In Us
Posted at 01:16 PM


Okay, first order of business:

Holi-daze cards. Printed a mountain of the things over the weekend, and will send our yearly pile out to all the good people on our list real soon. We’ve got a bunch left over too, so, if you’ve been a good elf all year long and would like one, send us yer address and we’ll ship one out. (Send it to “draplin(at)draplin(dot)com.)

Hand-Gocco’d, very limited edition, “while supplies last” kinda deal. Happy Holi-daze, people.

- - - -

Second order of business:

Robbie Sell’s new photography site is up. I design the thing, and then Dave at Metajive made it come to life. Many, many thanks to all involved. Now, Robbie, go shoot some awesome stuff and fill this thing up. Very proud.

- - - -

Something we’re reading right now: Acme Novelty Datebook Volume Two: 1995 - Present Thank you, Mr. Ware. All the way back to 1994. Thank you.

- - - -

Grain Edit talks about Rolf Harder, and we listen.

- - - -

MANDATORY VIEWING: One hell of a graphic arts Flickr page. Yessiree.

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