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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 11, 2007
Cold Steel Precision
Posted at 02:18 PM


This is where it all stands, people:

- The mag is but two pages away from being done.
- The Union catalog is far away being printed.
- The Coal catalog is far away being printed.
- Promo items are being printed for the 2008 Merch season.
- The Factory Floor is clean. Thanks to Mark. I appreciate the muscle.
- DDC Action Hats are ready to be shipped. Details gigantically soon.
- Top secret illustrations being worked out for gigantic Northwest design firm.
- Annual Holi-daze Cards printed, being filled out with holiday sentiment for delivery.
- The heart longs for a Gary named, “Gary.”
- The heart longs for a gal named, “Leigh.”

- - - -

What we said yesterday, again, just in case:

Holi-daze cards. Printed a mountain of the things over the weekend, and will send our yearly pile out to all the good people on our list real soon. We’ve got a bunch left over too, so, if you’ve been a good elf all year long and would like one, send us yer address and we’ll ship one out. (Send it to “draplin(at)draplin(dot)com.)

- - - -

Get over to Tiny Showcase. Buy some cards, people. So much good shit to look at.

This one stopped me in my tracks real hard.

- - - -

Seldom Wright. Or, maybe, “Pretty Much Always” Wright. Nice work, man. (Adam Bagerski sent this link in, and, we sighed, as, we miss this kid’s face.)

There is One Comment

Tiny Showcase: Kit 01. Best piece all year in my opinion. I was lucky enough to score one. I just wish they’d make a whole series so I could arrange on my wall like the periodic table. I can see it now… the insides of ladies purses, men’s toolboxes, kid’s backpacks, cart full of groceries, tchotchkes off people desks…

Posted by: jamaica on 12/12/07 at 3:27 PM
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