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Draplin Design Co., North America
November 17, 2007
Posted at 06:04 PM


Still glowing from the victory yesterday. I’m laying in a bathtub full of ice as I type this out, giving extra special care to my mouse hand. Almost died in that battle, folks. Lots of blood lost. Fatigued.

OUR PROMISE: A full commentary on the match, as soon as we get a second of spare time.

- - - -

Making good progress on the Union book.

Special thanks to the team that’s assembled on the DDC Factory Floor to kick the shit out of this one.

Troopers, Colleagues, Champions, Craftsmen, Family: Martino, George, Mark, Neir and Lovejoy.

- - - -

My favorite thing to make, vector-wise, are icons. Hands down. The little jigsaw above was made for Evan Rose and Forum Snowboards a year or so back. I made a whole set, and will be posting some over the course of the next week, working up towards the holidaze. Thanks, fellas.

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That jigsaw is awful pretty.

Posted by: Justin Braem on 11/19/07 at 8:26 PM
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