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Game On!

Layer Tennis!


- - - -

Steven Heller’s doing the commentary on the Layer Tennis battle today. A big name in the design world. Awesome.

Anyhoo, his wife Louise Fili has some pretty fine work on her site. Gorgeous stuff.

- - - -

A bunch of new slideshow galleries over at the CSA Image Archive. We’re hot for the Printstock section.

There Are 17 Comments

Give him hell, Drap. Excellent work, as always.

Posted by: Todd on 11/16/07 at 1:31 PM

you’re killing it!

Posted by: Mark on 11/16/07 at 2:00 PM

Volley #5 brother! I about lost my soup on that one. Well played.

Posted by: Andrew R. Jenkins on 11/16/07 at 2:36 PM

Very entertaining you redneck!

Posted by: Sarah on 11/16/07 at 2:52 PM


Posted by: Micah on 11/16/07 at 3:00 PM

You wipe the floor with ‘em! Great job! Gary will be so proud.

Posted by: Kristin on 11/16/07 at 4:08 PM

Kickass match. You schooled him in my opinion, right down o the pill capsule being off registration. Beautiful graphics done right!

Posted by: Amber on 11/16/07 at 4:11 PM

well congradulations buddy (seriously). too bad you didnt take the winner take all bet up front.

and dont forget, the judges voted over this way…
; )

Posted by: david nakamoto on 11/16/07 at 4:40 PM

Dude, you crushed it today. You had me cracking up on volley 3, 5 and 7.

Congrats on the huge and much deserved win.

Posted by: Dave Amirault on 11/16/07 at 5:00 PM

nakamoto got schooled midwest style.

nicely done.

Posted by: shawnzee on 11/16/07 at 5:24 PM

Go Gary. Drap, it’s Jon, Courtney’s husband in Wisconsin. You triumphed.

Posted by: baba on 11/16/07 at 5:51 PM

Great job, Aaron. You had me crackin up real bad, especially at volleys #5 and #7. That was some consistent shit! I checked out the past matches after, and this was the most creative!

Posted by: Scott Steele on 11/16/07 at 10:43 PM

Kick ass! Nice work Drap! Followed every volley at work. Volley 5 was genius.

Posted by: Avantagg on 11/17/07 at 8:35 AM

Kick ass! Nice work Drap! Followed every volley at work. Volley 5 was genius.

Posted by: Avantagg on 11/17/07 at 8:35 AM

Nice volleys. Good stuff. Clean match. Well played.

Posted by: Bry on 11/17/07 at 7:56 PM

good design makes you laugh.
you won.

Posted by: roger cameron on 11/17/07 at 8:17 PM

Great job on Friday! You definitely did the Northwest proud.

Posted by: Tom Carmony on 11/18/07 at 1:57 AM
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