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Everything went well with Dad’s procedure. Much relief is felt. Dad had a bit of an irregular heartbeat, which was noticed wayyyy ahead of any problematic situation, so, the doc felt “jumpstarting” dad was a good way to get things back to normal. And it did.

My dad is a strong guy. I couldn’t be that tough. I mean, damn, hospitals just mess me up. Gotta get over that one.

Hats off to my dad yesterday morning.

And of course, he was put under for a couple minutes, and got a chance to ask the doc his favorite operating room joke:

“Hey doc, am I gonna be able to play piano when I get out?” asked dad.

“Don’t see why not,” says the doc.

“Good, I never could before!” says dad.

So it goes. Big ham. A big ham with a good, strong heartbeat.

- - - -

Had a good day with Leigh on Thursday. Her 30th, y’know? Big day. We were gonna go north, but, flipped a bitch and headed south due to the threatening weather goin’ up there in the Straights of Mackinac.

We headed down to Grand Rapids for the day and did the following:

01. Broke the speed limit all the way down 131.
02. Ate grody road food.
03. Got Leigh a nice haircut at a fancy little salon.
04. Did a little record shopping on Division.
05. Outfitted Leigh with a new Canon SD750 digi snap for her pocket.
06. Saw the most amazing documentary, maybe, of all time.
07. Had dinner at San Chez, smack dab in the GR downtown.

- - - -

Spending the better part of the weekend hammering shit out, so I can get on that big road out west, and make my dirty way back to Portland. Got lots of stops planned. Niles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boulder, Salt Lick, Hailey, etc.

- - - -

FOR DABICA, THAT WATERLOGGED WATERSKIPPER: A bunch of old outboard motors. (Sent in by Mitch!)

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If you manage to make it through Ann Arbor on your way out of the big mitten, look me up for a road beer or two.

Posted by: Pete on 10/19/07 at 11:00 PM

Glad to hear Jim’s gonna be fine. As tough as he is, he’s a big softy at heart. Love him.

Posted by: styk on 10/20/07 at 10:03 AM

how crazy would this have been?http://home.att.net/~dannysoar/BelGeddes.htm

Posted by: andrew on 10/20/07 at 4:05 PM
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