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Draplin Design Co., North America



The first wave of shipments went out, folks, so watch those mailboxes at the end of the driveway.

- - - -

Some outtakes, from our Autumn T-Shirt Offering photoshoot a couple days back.

01. “Trusted Gear.”
02. “Set Security.”
03. “Disgruntled Photo Assistant.”

Three designs this time around, in four colorways:

01. DDC-018 “Nameplate Torso Cover”
02. DDC-019 “DDC Classic Torso Cover”
03. DDC-020 “Long Breed Gary Torso Cover - Lime Green”
04. DDC-021 “Long Breed Gary Torso Cover - Virgin White”

- - - -

Gearing up for our big weekend in Santa Fe at the Design Week Santa Fe deal. Pretty excited to see some Adobes and stuff.

- - - -

Leigh got me this book, an original from 1965, and my little thinker is blown. What a gal.

From the web, on this treasure: “A detailed account of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the immediate aftermath, and the nation’s 20 days of mourning. Draws largely on eyewitness accounts, and unforgettable images from the Frederick Hill Meserve photographic collection. 300 illustrations. 312 pages.”

- - - -

Been listening to these guys a bunch, and have no inclination to jump into the big lake some 20 miles ot the west: Great Lake Swimmers. Really, really well done.

- - - -

Chris Glass goes to Chicago, and, meets just about everyone worth meeting, and makes a really good lookin’ page about this time there. So nice. Dig it.

He even hit the Coudal pisser for a sec, and saw some of my dirtywork on the walls. Chalk ain’t shit. Wait until Jim discovers the “tags” I left under his desk and other dark spots.

- - - -

A Vignelli classic. “Fucking Vignelli!” - Santiago Piedrafita

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