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Driving all day. Not too much else to say. Had a good breakfast with Mikey, Lindsay and Tooz, then got a quick brake pad job done with some of Tooz’ import car friends. Heck yes. Just like that. Safe again.

After that I got on that big road and started driving. That’s where I am now, hammering north towards the Idaho border, with Salt Lake in my rearview mirror.

- - - -

So it turns out I “spoke too soon” regarding my “quickie” brake job. Damn.

My timing belt has been squealing a bit, and, the guy just said, “Might as well fix it now and save the pain of what’s around the corner when this thing does go, and leaves you on the side of the road.” Right. Sounds fine. Hard to swallow. Went for it.

I’m at Mikey’s, working, waiting this one out. I’ll have Big S back by 6pm mountain time. Fingers crossed.

- - - -

In the meantime, Jamie Pulley made the most amazing Gocco ink color chart. And check out the overlay deal, so you know what colors you are messing with. So good. You need one of these. I need one these. About time. Really.

- - - -

There’s just no excuse why I didn’t make my own tape years and years ago. Just plain dumb. Damn. Check out these designer rolls. So awesome. In the works.

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Don’t forget about that oil spot you left in my driveway. Get ‘er topped off, too.

Posted by: Basher on 10/31/07 at 3:30 PM

Thanks for the plug Aaron, glad you dig the concept!!!

Posted by: Jamie on 11/11/07 at 11:35 AM
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