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“Cleveland Mission, Part II”

With my big day in Cleveland behind me, I went to the theater to meet up with Nate, Pete and Johnny, to see those Lips, with hopes of an interview with Wayne…

Nate from Snowboard mag was visiting Pete Scheira in Jamestown New York, so they came down to see the show. Their pal Johnny came down to shoot the deal. We had a strong force to contend with.

We were lucky enough to talk the theater bartender, who put us in touch with the owners of the Agora Theater, who in turn put us in touch with a Lips roadie, who then spoke with Wayne and got us a little time with him backstage. We were brought all the way backstage, spoke with Kliph and Steven some, talked some Field Notes, talked Bonnaroo, then met Wayne for the interview.

Basically, Snowboarding has no connection to the Lips. They don’t snowboard, and, hell, either do I. But I do make a magazine, and, their story is just as valid as the next, so, I thought I’d pay a little tribute to a band I love so much, and, our Editor Nate loves so much. A perfect fit, man.

Wayne was great. We bullshitted on a range of topics for a good hour or so. It’s just amazing how much energy, graciousness and ability he has to connect basically anything into the story of the Lips. Brilliant. The man is so down to earth, and, it almost overwhelms you, as, you just sorta get high on the fame around them, or something. I mean, shit, I just try to remember the simple truth that these guys are basically just rocker freaks from Oklahoma. Right? Well, sorta.

We finished up the interview, shook hands, hugged, said thanks and got some shots for the magazine. Here’s one taken with my little DigiElph, for posterity’s sake.

098. “With Kliph the drummer and part time message board wizard.”
099. “Wayne, battling Nate from Snowboard magazine.”
100. “Victory!”

We snaked our way back to the theater and dug in for the show.

101. “All of Cleveland came out for the big night. More the merrier.”
102. “A guy in a ball.”
103. “Two scientists were racing…for the good of all mankind…”
104. “A vein of stars, calling out my naaaaammme.”
105. “It’s a good time for superman…”
106. “Pete and Nate, going apeshit.”
107. “A balloon and a couple thousand lasers.”
108. “A man, a balloon and a converted leafblower.”
109. “Wayne, at the end of his workday.”

A great night. One of my best, ever.

A full transcript of the interview will be offered up, after this motherfucker of a story goes to print in Snowboard. Really. Dig it.

- - - -

Johnny Centi wrote up the transaction on the Snowboard-Revolution site. So fun. Thanks again, man, for the everything. Hell of a night! When we doing it again?

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I love the picture of Wayne (#099) against the brick wall that has a Coal Chamber scribbling on it. Helluva juxtaposition, haha.

Posted by: Tim Lahan on 10/03/07 at 9:21 AM


I had a great time too man. It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for the FIELD NOTES. I use them everyday and love them. Let me know where to send the photos of Wayne. Their is over 200 and I think you will be stoked.



Posted by: JOhnny on 10/05/07 at 2:30 PM
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