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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 24, 2007
Posted at 12:30 AM


And just like that, the Union guys are headed back to Seattle and Italy, respectively, with hot files on disk. They show up, we do a couple handshakes and hugs, and collectively, we knock the work out. And then they split. Just like that. I wish I knew how to say, “Get out of my house, now.” in Italian. Not quite there.

So the last couple days with Martino here, there’s been a lot of chatter regarding Italy and all its mystery. We speak about the ruffians in the south, how speaking a second language for a week is exhausting, the differences in mating rituals and just how much it costs to apply soft touch inks to a binding. Stuff like that, with an Italian twist.

Well, Rhonnie’s name came up today. A jack of all trades, Rhonnie handles the production managing at Twinex in Colico. He’s a good guy, and helps Union in many ways. So, with that, we stand on our roof and yell out a spirited, “Vadavialcu, Rhonnie!” towards Italy, towards Colico, towards Rhonnie’s parking spot.

I sure do hope “Vadavialcu” means “Thanks for all the good work, my man!” Martino translated for me, so, my trust lies with him. Ah, the diplomacy.

01. “Marty and box we made.”
02. “Yohan Malkoski = Team Spirit.
03. “A big ass silverfish that joined the discussion.”
04. “Yohan wanted to give Gary some love, but he wasn’t having it.”

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Some Italian posters from back in the day.

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REAL PROUD: The new Coal Headwear site launches.

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LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif The ever-rambunctious Ethan Bodnar writes up Field Notes on his blog. Kind words, with good energy. We plan on going to high places with you, man. Be strong!

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LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Field Notes get a nod on the Urban Outfitters blog! The big time, man. From Portland, people!

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JIm Golden gets inspired by Dan Tobin Smith and sends the link out to people. I’m one of the lucky ones. Nice stuff. Wow.

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There is One Comment

Mr. Draplin….I had no Idea you knew Emmet Klocker. I should have figured as much though. I had dinner with him two nights ago and it was awesome. Good people…good times. Sidenote: I’m glad you call those disgusting little fuckers “silver fish”. I hear some people call them “lobsters”. Not sure how that makes any sense, but it’s funny. At my house, we call them “the king” when they are around one at a time. But only if it’s a huge one. The running joke is that there is a master silver fish…or “the queen” that has never, and will never be seen. All the other ones (kings) are her minions….and they are bountiful

Posted by: tucker on 08/24/07 at 1:43 AM
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