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August 17, 2007
Hey, Max Bill: Thanks.
Posted at 02:33 PM


More and more and more we are completely falling for Max Bill.

Here’s why.

Absolutely amazing.

Something we want, really bad.

- - - -

What a week. Managed to get a mountain of stuff done, and, just as I descend the lowlands of Workweek Mountain, I find myself staring up at the Weekend Range, and have no choice but to trudge on, and up, towards freedom and safety. Our battle.

- - - -

Hoss comes in with a link that just about shipwrecks our whole organization. Polish pride!

- - - -

Finally settled an iPhone. Gonna need it this fall when the whole “DDC Mobile Command Unit” thing is in effect. Such a fascinating piece of technology. Mindblowing, really. Wow.

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