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August 13, 2007
Posted at 10:40 AM


Lubalin fans, listen up: The Lost Ligatures of Avant Garde!

Based on these Letraset dry transfers.

- - - -

Chris Glass makes 40 amazing iPhone wallpapers. I don’t have an iPhone yet, but, that isn’t stopping me from going here and just plain digging on the color and photography. Yet again, Mr. Glass amazes the west coast. Goddammit.

- - - -

The little swimmer from that Nevermind album cover grows up.

- - - -

Mr. Glass’ iPhone post just about put me over the edge: What the fuck am I waiting for?

The time just be might now, to go and grab me one of these treasures. Goddammit.

- - - -

Heck yes. We went out and saw Larry’s big part to a packed theater. Atmosphere Clothing sponsored the event and you can check out some pics here: Larry’s on the Silver Screen.

Larry worked on a film in NYC a couple summer back and by a stroke of luck, got cast as a busboy for a scene involving Alec Baldwin. The scene lasts about 12 seconds, and they reference the incident a couple more times in the movie, but, I gotta tell you, Larry’s performance was so, uh, natural. A real thrill ride.

Now, our review of the movie: hands down, the worst 90 minutes I’ve spent since I went to the DMV a couple years back. Fuck Freddy Prinze, and, god, fuck the whole, “Ay-o, eh…I’m from Brook-lyn” bullshit. Yawn. Just not down with the whole “me and my neighborhood” schtick. All that halfwit macho banter, and the neverending battle for some form of respect from whatever dipshit is giving you a bad look. Yawn. Terrible movie, terrible soundtrack, terrible hair dye and just maybe, the worst dialogue ever. Ever.

But man, Pancho’s performance was perfection.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Introducing the Field Notes We’ve been on a real Avant Garde Bold kick with a new client the last week or so, and, hell, so has Giovanni Altami. He’s using Field Notes out in the UK, and you should be too, so, apply within. (See below.)

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