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August 08, 2007
Magazine Making: Page By Page
Posted at 03:10 AM


The ever-awesome Roadside Pictures and it’s extensive, great, beautiful Emphemera group.

At an overall glance, the designs are all just kinda, “hokey” or something. You get this odd sense of how “painted over” everything was back then, and how design silently contributed to the rosie idealism of that era. I look at this stuff, and it feels so oddly cheery and happy, and, hopeful, and, naive, but ultimately just sorta “forced” or something. I mean, when put up against the trainwreck government these days, I still sorta prefer the time I live in. At least we can question the whole mess that much more, without being label by McCarthy as some dissenting commie.

But then again, this is looking over that era as a big, whole lump. When you focus in, that’s where my design heart flutters.

Here, here and here. Fucking brilliant.

I always get this peculiar feeling of, “Man, things were just so much better then.” I don’t think that is the case.

- - - -

Larry and Jeff are here, and we are flat out kicking the living daylights out of some lippy magazine pages. Violent acts.

- - - -

We can also use more color in our lives: Here’s one of Kliph beating that snare pretty hard, with about a million different colors around him. So good.

- - - -

Embry checks in and sends a pic of a fun dachshund wooden toy.

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