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July 17, 2007
Throw It All Out. All Of It.
Posted at 12:41 PM


Lovejoy came across a link that made me so happy, amazed, excited and then, shit took a turn for the worse and I ordered the little bastard to round up all “contemporary” packaging in the house and promptly fill up the trash can out on the curb: Vintage Good Packaging.

Color forecasting? All speculation stops right here, twinkletoes: Tangville.

Man, what is it with orange lately? Maybe it’s just me.

- - - -

For all you kitchen warriors looking for a new pie to bake: Tang Pie.

Our thoughts on this one: Barf Village.

- - - -

Lovejoy. Let’s talk about Lovejoy some.

First off, the kid hit the jackpot. I mean, c’mon, life is good for Lovejoy when he’s on the DDC Factory Floor. He’s on retainer for the summer and it’s a full time battle to keep the little nugget busy. It ain’t easy. I’ll catch him staring me down waiting for the next project. That’s when I lose my shit and yell, “Just take the hound for a spin or something.”

- - - -

This Lips gem comes out next week, and, I kick myself that I didn’t make the run down there from Louisville or Cincinnati or wherever the hell I was posted up at in the fall.

I remember doing a Google Map of the jaunt and going, “Fuuuuuck, 900 miles?!” Something like that. Nevertheless, the DVD should be pretty good to alleviate all sorrows.

Great cover, too.

There is One Comment

I actually used to have a few boxes of My-T-Fine pudding on display in my house. You can actually buy that stuff still. Maybe it’s a Midwest thing, or maybe those boxes are truly overstock from the ’70s. Good seeing you, Jeff and Gary (in no particular order) the other day. When are you going to have me over for BBQ and beer? I don’t have a yard. Please be kind.

Posted by: COULTER! on 07/19/07 at 6:44 AM
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