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July 12, 2007
More Neefus In Yer Life
Posted at 03:40 AM


Neefus. Jesus, maybe. Noah? Noah’s arc. Father time? Mr. Nice Guy? Redbeard? From the planet Argon?

Lots of speculation. Nevertheless, we love ourselves some Seth Neefus, especially in the summer when it’s good and hot, like his beard.

- - - -

Watching that Danielson movie last week, and the kid, while he’s in art school, makes a full-size Volvo quilt thing. Ah, art school. Well, a gal is at it again, and, all we can say is, “Ahhhhh, arrrrrrt school.”

And all that, uh, “artisitic irony/ aritist eccentricity” reminds me of a joke my dad tells from time to time:

Dad: “Y’know, my mom could really knit.”
Someone: “Is that so?”
Dad: “Yeah. So I got her 3000 pounds of steel wool, and she knitted me a Volkswagen.”

Typical exchange, people. Old joke.

- - - -

The patent for the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. (Over at the meticulous Patent Room.)

- - - -

Speaking of Gary, he’s still long.

- - - -

All the weather icons, compiled from all the online weather sites.
Great. My humble opinion: The BBC are most successful. (Via the city winds of Coudal.com.)

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