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July 02, 2007
Border Hoppers
Posted at 12:50 AM


Kass showed up at the house early yesterday morning with his new Mercedes something-or-other. Bought it down south in Milwaukie, on a whim. Imagine that. A 1978.

Fucker was on a mission: “Draplin, we’re going to Vancouver to fill the trunk with fireworks.” Done.

Border hopping. Fireworks. Vintage Mercedes two-doors. This just might have been the first time I had ever been in a Mercedes. And, a little sports coupe to boot. I found myself wishing for Steely Dan to be playing. In fact, that rig should have a Steely Dan tape/8 track glued into the deck, on rotation forever. “Drink Scotch whisky all night long…And die behind the wheel…”

Kass Mission 01 : “This is what I woke up to.”
Kass Mission 02 : “Soar.”
Kass Mission 03: “American Spirit.”
Kass Mission 04: “One instance of great Chinese firework box type.”
Kass Mission 05: “New Small Bee.”
Kass Mission 06: “So much trouble to choose from.”
Kass Mission 07: “Mission: Dumbassable.”

- - - -

Some developments:

01. Looks like dad might be coming out this weekend.

02. Evan Rose is coming up the coast to Portland.

03. Chief is coming up the coast too, from the Beaches of Laguna.

- - - -

My dad is in a documentary about Scooters, just for a goddamn split second, but, a fine little second at that.

- - - -

Some lot passes from 1967.

- - - -

Happiness is a couple old Fugazi shows sent in by Henry.Thanks, man.

- - - -

From the Lonestar state: A Little Hut. A nice logo in the upper right corner. Bravo. We dig.

There Are 4 Comments

I got hooked on u tube cause of yer link of pj’s movie and ran into this one. check it out

Posted by: Bry on 07/02/07 at 10:56 PM

Tell Kass to wear his earplugs - those things are dangerous!

Posted by: Sarah on 07/03/07 at 11:45 AM

Thanks. Looks like there are still some classic song lyrics out there I need to re-learn. Would have still sung it “And drive behind the wheel.” Which does seem a little redundant, now.

Posted by: Michelle on 07/04/07 at 12:06 AM

i learned to drive in a mercedes like that.

Posted by: D R E W on 07/05/07 at 1:40 PM
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