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July 13, 2007
Friday, And We Try To Relax
Posted at 06:52 PM


Last weekend was a hell of weekend for junking. Evan and I burned through all of Sellwood, and took no prisoners. Real gross.

Here’s some of the finer point of what stopped in me tracks, long enough to snap a cell phone pic:

01. “Lionel: NH model.”
02. “Icy Hot.”
03. “10pm to daybreak.”
04. “Microscope Lab.”
05. “Wild Life Brand.”

- - - -

In Krunk news, the ever-talented Lil’ Jon was up at Hood krunkin’ around with some Grenade turds. Nuñez was closeby and put the phone up to Lil’ Jon’s ear. He was nice enough to give me a “Main Designer, ay? Where’s all ‘dem bitches,” and a half-hearted, “Whatever…” over the phone. That’s all I needed to keep me going. So, I guess I’m star-struck.

Krunk ain’t dead. What? Yeaaaaayaaaaah.

- - - -

Mark Phillips, Michigan/Portland category reminds us all to respect our elders, specifically, one Glen E. Freidman. The guy nailed it, so many times.

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