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June 27, 2007
Wednesday, And We Head North
Posted at 12:56 PM


Heading up to Seattle today to go to battle with Brad from Coal Headwear.

- - - -

Matt from Rotor in Minneapolis stopped by, digitally, and we think you should check out his work. We’re way into the “Rotor” piece of type, so be sure to get an eagle eye on that one.

- - - -

Coudal’s Swap Meat goes image-based, and man, look at all that rad shit. I love it. Bravo.

Here’s our favorite of the whole mess. So good. Who doesn’t love documents?

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif And the Field Notes we sent in sell out!

- - - -

Some scandal here: Fleet Street Scandal.

- - - -

Zimmerman chimes in with some news from the Bigfoot Research front. In Manistique, Michigan, of all places.

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Posted by: andrew on 06/27/07 at 4:04 PM

You’d better ask your dad what he was doing up in Marquette County.

Posted by: Cameron Barrett on 06/28/07 at 7:00 AM

Hey I was just in Seattle! So glad we didn’t see each other. You’d’ve caught the mean mug.

Posted by: tyler on 07/02/07 at 11:47 AM
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