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Draplin Design Co., North America


Flying back home today. Having no problem leaving Portland and all the trimmings that go with it.

- - - -

My Nashville buddy Alex Birch, formerly of Portland, Ore., gets kinda famous on MSNBC talking about the tidal wave of accessories that’ll be shadowing the release of the iPhone. Way to go, man.

- - - -

Real good stuff out of a little midwestern city called, “Minneapolis”: A design deal called, “Wink.” Been a fan for some time now. Gigantically back by Jon Baugh, of all people.

- - - -

Orange Amps. Big power. Big orange. Big.

Bring it.

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I met a patient last week who has a barbed wire museum in Leslie, MI (12 miles north of Jackson). This man takes scrap barbed wire and makes gifts, thinga-ma-jiggies, etc….

He is a really really interesting man and I think you and dad would love to visit his museum. It’s the 3rd Barbed Wire museum in the country, according to him. Here’s his site - a little basic but you get the main info http://www.barbedwiremuseum.com/

I have directions if you want - but he asked that you call first to make sure he doens’t “go have coffee with the boys that day.” Sounds like dad, eh? So, his # is on the webiste.

He also told me he has over 100 hammers on display and over 1200 “gazinta” boxes - where stuff goes-inta! LOL So, I told him dad’s gazinta math joke.

Have fun in TC.


Posted by: Sarah on 06/13/07 at 6:20 AM

just talked to you on the air. forgot to ask if you heard about the Solid reunion in august. got Tucks number for details call me.

Posted by: G Aleshire on 06/13/07 at 8:59 PM

Ben Oswald is my son and your site is on his site. I have enjoyed your site for quite some time. It is always fun to see names of Ben and Jeremy’s friends. I live in TC and work in the Sight and Sound Center at the Traverse Area District Library. Stop in and peruse the 25,000 music cd’s and 6,000 + movies on DVD. Hope to me you some day. I live near the Alshires.

Posted by: Joan Oswald on 06/15/07 at 11:35 AM
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